K12 Students
Video Projects

These digital video docs are samples of the work students in the K-12 setting made while they were working with the Hands on a Camera Project. We ask students to tell us a story about a process, a person (a group of people), or an event that is significant in their community.


1 in 400, Type 1

A student talks about her experience growing up with diabetes.
A documentary by Sidnee Green of East Shore High School.

We're Not Rock Stars

A student showcases his passion for rock-climbing.
A documentary from East Shore High School.

My Grandma

A student talks to his grandma about how her life has been different since her legs were amputated. A documentary from Cherry Hill Elementary

A Train Called Addiction

This documentary, created by an East Shore High School student, is meant to show the difficult but rewarding challenge of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Dance Moves

An East Shore High School student talks with break dancers about what they do and why they love it.


An East Shore High School student talks with her mother about living with a rare form of cancer.

Powwow Tyme

Two East Shore High School students document their reasons for going to a Powwow.

Black Paint

This documentary created by an East Shore High School student is an example of poetic form

Juggle Stix

A student from Cherry Hill Elementary School walks us through the process of creating jugglestix in this documentary.


In this documentary, two Timpview High School ESL students talk about learning and using sign language, and explore the language barrier between American Sign Language and Mexican Sign Language.

My Dad’s Story

A Timpview High School ESL student talks about her Dad’s love of golf.


A Timpanogos High School Student documents a family tradition.