K12 Students

Hands on a Camera goes to various K12 settings, promoting the students' ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create media messages.


Making a (documentary) was just kind of like opening a window. It just opened up a window that we can see through, and now we can choose whether to jump through it or to stay inside.

—J. Cwiklinski (17)


It’s not just media that you look at differently though, it’s just the whole world.

—London Bradford,
Cherry Hill Elementary Student


Young people need to become critical agents able to recognize, appropriate, and transform how dominant power works on and through them…. They need a pedagogy that provides the basis for improvisation and responsible resistance.

—Henry Giroux



Video Projects

These digital video docs are samples of the work students in the K-12 setting made while they were working with the Hands on a Camera Project. We ask students to tell us a story about a process, a person (a group of people), or an event that is significant in their community.

Audio Projects

We have been practicing pod-casts as a form of storytelling in the university setting. We experimented with audio projects at Cherry Hill Elementary in 2008. Here are some samples of the work created in that sixth grade classroom.

Photo Projects

Students from our sixth grade classroom at Cherry Hilll have made photo essays in groups over the last few years. However, this one made us rethink this assignment. Look for the photo essays we actually save in the future.