University Students
Video Projects

University students create their own digital video documentaries before they work with students in the K-12 setting.


Stick Shifts and Safety Belts

Theatre Education student Genna Gardner talks to her younger brother about being 16, learning to drive a stick shift, and going to Del Taco.


Theatre Education student Hilary Hansen talks with her husband Shane and his scooter mechanic about their love for classic scooters.

My Mom the Taxidermist

Media Arts student Whitney Borrup talks with her mom about life, and works with her to rekindle a former interest in taxidermy.

The Hair Salonist

This documentary created by Media Arts student Hannah Richardson offers a glimpse of the life of her sister, a hair stylist.

No Labels, No Limits

In this documentary, Theatre student Linze Struiksma talks to her sister about the ways that having autism has affected her life.

A Christian Farmer Barbeque

Filmmaker Brandon Betenson documents the art of barbeque in this process documentary.

Crafting a Life: Woodworking with Paul Cowley

Humanities student Katherine Cowley talks with her father-in-law about the life lessons he’s learned from woodworking as he crafts a delicate Christmas ornament.

Mother MoTab

Media Arts student A. Todd Smith documents the process his mother goes through as she applies to sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

How Shocks are Made

Rachel Foster, a Theatre Education student, documents the process of making shocks for trucks and large vehicles.